RollPro Mini by Riseful Review

If you’ve read more than a couple articles here, you know that I’m a big fan of GoPro stuff. For better or worse, after you buy a camera, you tend to start accumulating small gadgets that go with it. Although fine in itself, these batteries, remote controls, second or third camera, and various mounts tend to lack a good storage place.

You could get a hard storage case (like this excellent model from Pelican—Amazon), but since GoPros are built to be abused, and many are waterproof anyway, that may be overkill. A bag would work, but do you really want everything flopping around in there? Filling the gap is the RollPro Mini. (also available on Amazon) It has space for a few cameras in small pouches, as well as small accessories in its zippered pockets. Roll it up, and everything is held securely, ready to be unfurled at a moment’s notice.

I’ve got a bit more to say, but below is my review in video form. Also, if you decide to buy one, you can use the code “DIYTRIPODS” at checkout on Riseful’s site for a 10% discount.

As seen in the video, I think it’s a really excellent device for keeping your stuff together. Obviously it’s not the best if you have really big accessories to store, but for the little stuff, it does a really good job of keeping it secure. In the video I note that a divider on the long portion would be helpful. They will actually be adding that to future ‘rolls, and those that are in stock—and are going to “retrofit mine!

One thing I didn’t mention is that one of my favorite accessories is a magnet mount made from a computer hard drive. Although apparently it’s safe to expose electronics to magnetic fields now, I’m still a bit paranoid, so it hasn’t made it’s way into my RollPro Mini. Maybe soon.

I should also note that in exchange for the review/video I was given special pricing on the unit. That being said, I do actually really like it!