Stainless Steel GoPro Swivel Looks Like it Would Hurt

stainless steel gopro swivel on helmet

Tired of all the DIY GoPro mounts made with wimpy materials like 3D-printed plastic or PVC pipe?  We’re not either, but, at 800 grams – just under 2 pounds, if you need a mount that could double as a Medieval weapon, this stainless steel 360 degree GoPro helmet mount might fit the bill.

Rounding out this well-documented industrial-style build is a ball bearing swivel with a GoPro mount, meant to break away in case of a fall, supporting it.  All the pieces were machined on a lathe, and welded together as needed.  Since no mill was used, there are a few setups in the excellent build log that someone familiar with machine tools will find interesting.

For a lighter duty swivel mount that can be made without heavy machine tools, check out Mike’s double GoPro swivel mount, or you can always just buy one (Amazon).  Sure, you couldn’t beat off would-be assailants with these as easily, but they look like they’ll do their primary job quite well.

On a slightly-related subject, “read more” for a video of a guy on a bike getting robbed while wearing a GoPro.

You probably wouldn’t want to actually defend yourself with one of these.  On the other hand, the robbers might assume that you’re insane for wearing such a strange device and leave you alone.

Via Reddit (stainless mount) and Reddit (robbery video)