Stash Your Webcam for Project Time Lapses

Duct tape may be pretty obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked for simple webcam shots.  I’ve used a cam mounted to my garage shelving system (Rubbermaid Fasttrack) to take the time lapses seen later to document several interesting projects.  The quality may or may not be as good as a GoPro, but with this webcam time lapse software, if there’s a computer around the post-processing becomes quite easy.

webcam-shelf-mounted-duct-tapeIf an elevated shelf isn’t in the cards, you can always make one from available parts like the mount Matt Heilman made pictured below:

diy-webcam-tripodJust remember, whether it’s duct tape, or scrap metal, it’s not the camera that your photographing.  As long as your photos turn out well, the mount has done its job!  “Read More” for the ‘lapses taken with my garage shelf mounted webcam: