Surfboard Mounted GoPro


I’m certainly not the first person to mount a GoPro to a surf board.  From the ads, it seems like it’s nearly as common as mounting it to a helmet.  Either way, if somehow you hadn’t had the idea to do this, here’s my setup.

surfboard mounted GoPro with floatie backdoor

Note the orange “Floaty Back Door” (Amazon) that I’m using here.  The hope is that if somehow it gets loose and ends up in the lake, it can then be retrieved.  I also wrote my name, number, and email address on it so that maybe someone will return it to me if I don’t get to it.

Check out the resulting video after the “read more” link thing to see it in action:

I edited it with PowerDirector 12 Ultra (I review 11 here, it’s very similar).  I think the trick to making a good Youtube video is to cut out as much as you possibly can.  People, including myself, don’t have a huge attention span when surfing the ‘net.  If a video is 5:00, I think most people don’t want to commit that “huge” a time span to it.