Trigger Trap for Android Reviewed


New Dongle (left) Old version (right)

After taking a look at the Trigger Trap device, which allows your smartphone to interface with a camera, it’s obviously a really cool product.  It can replace a number of different triggering methods on your DSLR using your cell phone’s audio jack.

The most obvious trigger method is that of an intervalometer camera timing gadget (I also have this intervalometer -Amazon).  It can also do a number of other more advanced options, like accelerating the speed of picture taking during a time-lapse sequence.

Now that I actually have an Android “smart” phone,* I thought this might be a bit more practical than my iPad to use as an intervalometer substitute.  It works well with the features available on Android.  There are, however, a few drawbacks to using Android version instead of iOS.

One consideration, not really connected with OS, is Continue reading