Creative Mounts of the GoPro HERO4 Session at the Beach

I recently got a GoPro HERO4 Session camera for Christmas, which was certainly a great gift. As I was also at Clearwater Beach in Florida over the holidays, I naturally decided to try it out. Here are the quick mounting solutions that I came up with:

HERO4 Session SandalSandal Mounted HERO4 Session. This would have worked quite well except for the fact that it was very low and the dune blocked the actual beach.

HERO4 Session SockOf course, if you’re transporting your HERO4 Session around, you really don’t want the lens to get scratched. An old sock makes a nice holder, and you can even loop it around your belt if you don’t think that looks too weird. Maybe if you have a bunch of them, you could wear your sock-mounted ‘Sessions around your chest like a bandoleer.

HERO4 Session GoWorxBack at the hotel, I used my GoWorx Original Handle+ (also available from Amazon) to capture a time-lapse of the setting sun. I suppose I could have used a sandal here as well, but the ‘Handle+ seems a little less likely to plummet to the concrete below.

Be sure to check out the results of my balcony time-lapse after the read more link. I’m very happy with the results! Continue reading

Makeshift Tripod from Chairs for a Paning Time-Lapse

makeshift-tripod-chairs-panning-time-lapseOn a recent trip to beautiful Clearwater, Florida, I thought it would be great to take a panning time-lapse shot from our hotel balcony.  Although it’s possible that it would have stayed on the railing without falling off (especially given my setup’s magnetic base), but I instead decided to stack chairs and a table for a “makeshift tripod.”

As you can see, it’s still probably not the most stable situation.  An actual tripod, or even just using the railing with a safety tether like this one, or simply a string, would have probably been better.  Either way, I got the shots that I wanted, and you can see the results below. Continue reading