Extreme Zip Tie Use for Bike Tripod Mounting

picture taken with a zip tie bike tripod attachment

Here’s a simple camera mount originally found here that is probably more a testament to how great zip-ties are than anything else.  As Colton puts it, he was able to mount a DSLR to his bike using “old tripod, zip-ties, some tape, and an extension cord.”  Personally, I wouldn’t have tried that with my camera, but it seems like it worked out for him with some great shots!

zip tie used to secure a tripod to a bike

via BikeHacks.com.  Also, thanks to Trevor for making me aware or that neat collection of bike-mount hacks.

Wooden Bike GoPro Handlebar Mount

So there are many ready-made ways to mount your GoPro or other light camera to your bike, but most likely you’ve never seen a “GoPro handlebar mount” made quite like this:

Wooden GoPro Handlebar mount

First of all, the bar grips in this case are wooden.  I explain in more detail how this was done on my other site.   Using the super-glue tapping method described here, I inserted a small set screw in the bottom of my grips.  I also put a drop of Gorilla Glue (Amazon) on the 1/4-20 set screw from this assortment to keep everything tight.  Check out the video after the “continue reading” link to see me using it to test a set of tires. Continue reading

Bike Mount a Point-and-Shoot Camera

Sure, GoPro cameras are great, but what if you just want to mount your point-and-shoot camera on your bike’s handlebars?  I came up with the makeshift solution seen below:

camera_mnt_croppedDubbed the “GoAmateur” camera mount, it’s really just a couple of pieces of plastic and some 1/4-20 hardware.  Not that it’s a great solution – the article is quick to note that this could actually be quite bad for your camera.  Maybe it would work nicely for a smooth road bike ride, but you might want to get something better for those 10 foot drops!

If you’d like to see how video from this looks, there’s some footage after the “read more” thing. Continue reading