DIY Clamp Light Stand from PVC Pipe

clamp light attached to DIY stand made from PVC

One of the hallmarks of amateur video is poor lighting.  Or so I remember reading somewhere somewhere.  Having produced some pretty crappy videos myself, I’ve been really looking to up their production value (see my main Youtube Channel).  Being pretty cheap, I wanted something inexpensive to help me improve my lighting.  Thus the DIY clamp light stand was born.

After seeing clamp lights (Less than $6.50 on Amazon with Prime) used for another lighting setup (seen below), they seemed like a great solution to try.  I also had some CFL bulbs that I wasn’t using, so why not?*

clamp lights set up on curtain rod

Although I have some shelving Continue reading

PVC Pipe Mount from GoPro Packaging Materials

GoPro Packaging materials are certainly just thrown away by many users, but can become another great mount if disassembled.  As illustrated in the animated GIF below, you can mount your camera to a 1 inch piece of PVC pipe using only the package and super glue:

GoPro Packaging Materials make a great "free" mountYou may notice that I cut the front off of it so as not to restrict the field of view.  In my case, I wanted to mount it solidly for some time lapse shooting, so it was attached to a heavy bike stand (this one), which worked quite well.  See a larger photo of it set up after the “read more.” Continue reading