Dashboard Sponge Camera Mount

Dashboard sponge camera mount

Do you have a large sponge used for boring tasks such as washing the car or sink?  Why not instead use it to mount  your GoPro or DSLR to your dashboard?  Sure, you’ll ruin the sponge, but don’t worry, your mom/dad/significant other won’t mind.  Just tell them that it’s for science.

The sponge camera mount itself is easy to make, just cut out a sponge in the shape of your camera, and weight it down if it’s not heavy enough.  A rug pad (like this one from Amazon) is used to keep it from sliding around on the dashboard.  Check out the video after the “read more” for all the build details, and to see what the preferred hairstyle for building it is. Continue reading

Secure Car Suction Cup Camera Mount on the Cheap


Although we’ve featured a really excellent car suction cup camera mount before, this is the first that I’m really tempted to make myself.  The price, around $10, combined with the claimed holding ability of 125 pounds per Harbor Freight’s listing, could make it a very worthwhile project.  You’ll also need a ball head, available from Amazon, and a 1/4 – 20 bolt, to allow your camera to pivot.

As shown in the video below, a hole needs to be drilled in the handle, then everything is attached together, forming a solid camera-mount. Continue reading

Excellent DIY GoPro Car Suction Cup Rig

GoPro Car Suction Cup Rig

Although I’ve featured various DIY GoPro car mounts here before, this suction-cup rig via Reddit is probably the best one that I’ve seen so far.

To make this rig, three suction cups (Amazon) are attached to a tripod’s feet via an aluminum bracket, marine sealant, and these ball head pivots from Ebay.  The illustration below should give you some idea of how it all fits together.  Further assembly info can be found in this set of pictures.


Of course this mount looks quite sturdy, but if you want to see it in action, check out the video after the “read on” link. Continue reading