GoPro Hero Session Review after Five Months of Use

GoPro Hero Session Review - camera on the beachFirst of all, I have a Hero4 Session, which has now been renamed to simply the “Hero Session.” I don’t think there is any difference, but I’m kind of proud that I now have something that is effectively a limited edition. I received it as a Christmas gift in 2015, so I’ve now been able to experiment with it for about five months. Here’s my thoughts in a “long term” GoPro Hero Session Review.

Features and Build

Unlike most of the GoPro cameras on the market, the Hero Session is waterproof to 33 feet without a housing. It also and has dual microphones – one on the front and one on the back – of which the ‘Session selects the best source of audio. This means that, unlike my previous Hero3 camera, I keep it in its open housing at all times, ready to record video and audio without interference.

Combine this with the fact that you start recording with one button, and you have a great camera to keep with you for capturing impromptu video at a moment’s notice (press the power button momentarily for video, hold down for time-lapse). I keep it with me much of the time in my notebook backpack (in a sock to keep it from getting scratched).

The build looks really good, sort of like an Apple product in its finish. On the other hand, like many Apple products, you can’t change the battery, which could be a deal breaker for some people.

See below for one of my first ‘lapses with the Session: Continue reading