A More Stable GoPro Harness Mount for your Dog

GoPro harness mount for a dog

This GoPro harness mount, as seen on Reddit looks like a more stable version of the impromptu dog mount that was featured here earlier.  As you might be able to tell from the picture, the base is the ever-useful square mount that comes with the packaging.

The packaging mounting square (see this post for how to get this “bonus” fixture) is modified to fit the harness camera saddle, a “premium touring harness” from a company named “Trixie.”  If you have a hard time finding this particular model*, I would think many heavy harnesses could be modified to use this kind of mount.

Check out the video after the “read more” to see the dog in action “interacting” with another of its kind.  As any dog owner knows, politeness varies depending on your species… Continue reading

GoPro Dog Mount Fun

I recently saw a video from Resham Aaron involving some “GoPro Dog Mount” shots.  Mounting a camera to an animal is probably something that many dog-loving GoPro owners have thought about, but this is the first video where I’ve actually seen it done.

gopro dog mount on a big yellow dog

Who wouldn’t love a face like this?

Resham mounts the camera both below and above the dog’s neck on a harness.  The shots are a bit shaky, since the camera is swinging back and forth, but he uses the dog shots only occasionally in the beginning as an accent to the rest of the video.

For the other shots, Continue reading