Reusable “Fiery” Steel Wool Light Graffiti Rig

M2 photography's resuable fire light graffiti rig in action

Light Graffiti is always fun, but add quickly moving fire into the mix and the excitement level goes up exponentially.  There is, however, the small practical matter of how you actually hold what you’ve lit on fire while swinging it about.

Fortunately, Mike at M2 Photography has come up with a convenient steel box contraption that does the trick and is readily reusable.  It’s designed to hold steel wool, which is a popular element to light on fire for visual effect.

boathouse-steel-wool with fire light graffiti rig

As fun as swinging fire around using this fire light graffiti rig looks, I keep thinking I should I did hook a “miniature version” of this rig up to my little quadcopter, which was simply a bent sparkler (great results here).  I’ve used the little quad for light graffiti before as featured here, but add in some fire and things might get were even more awesome…

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Outdoor GoPro PVC Stake Mount

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