The GoWorx FreeRide Review

goworx freeride review

I and most people that visit this site love GoPro cameras, but smartphones have, of course, gotten to the point that they take very good video. GoWorx’s new FreeRide mount takes advantage of this with a mount that attaches to their handle (my review), the included tripod mount, or a standard GoPro quick-disconnect clip.

They were nice enough to send me one to try out, and it seems to work as advertised with my Moto G phone, securely cradling it in a foam-lined clamp. I attached the phone with a relatively thin case still on it, and that didn’t seem to cause any issues. Honestly, I imagine you could mount some point-and-shoot cameras in it as well, but that would be of limited use these days.

Looking at the design, it does seem solid, and something that would definitely be useful. One minor issue I noticed is that the where the prongs insert into the tripod or quick-disconnect adapter, it seems a little tight. Not a big deal, and some of that could be a matter of which adapter you’re using. The other thing that might annoy some is that the plastic tensioner on top needs to be gripped securely to tighten or loosen. Again, not a big deal, and in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather have those two parts too tight rather than too loose!

You can of course get these at the link above, or they’re also available on Amazon, if you prefer that method of procurement! If you’re wondering about the mount in the first photo, more info on how to make one of those egg timer panning devices can be found here.