DIY Camera Gimbal for Handheld or Quadcopter

DIY Camera Gimbal, Brushless with GoPro mounted

Levi Burner, who has written several article for DIYTripods, wrote in with an excellent DIY Camera Gimbal setup, shown above with a GoPro. Although it could be used with a quadcopter, it should work equally well as a handheld device.

Details of the build can be found here. Below is (part of) a rough sketch diagramming how this setup will fit together. Although it reminds me of sketches I sometimes do before building something, my artistic ability isn’t quite up to Oscar’s standards. Fortunately, I’m pretty good with AutoCAD (or Draftsight for my home projects).

DIY camera gimbal design sketch (cropped)

If you’re wondering how it stacks up to an unstabilized camera, check out around 0:35 in the video after the “read more” thing. There still seems to be some movement, but the results are much better.

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Low Cost Two Axis Camera Gimbal Stabilization System

two axis camera gimbal

Getting smooth video from a moving camera is difficult. There is always a new technology coming out to obtain it. In the past, servos have been used, but their gearing and latency can take away from the stabilization.  For better results, brushless motors can be used to directly control the gimbal’s moving parts.

Commercial 3-axis gimbals can cost as much as $15,000. However, this two axis camera gimbal design could (in theory) be built for as little as $100.  Check out the video after the “read more” to see an animated rendering of it. Continue reading