Thermal Leak Detector Long Exposure Photography

thermal long exposure photograph of a Crock Pot

A little over a year ago, DIYTripods featured a technique for taking heat-sensitive long exposure photos using a modified flashlight. The photographic process behind this is explained there. This gave me an idea that one could use a Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector (Amazon) without modification to do the same thing.

The unit functions pretty simply. You turn it on pointed at whatever you want to appear normal temperature-wise, and it displays green.  Point it at something cooler and it becomes blue; point it at something hotter and it becomes red.  To make an infrared image, photograph your target while slowly sweeping the red-green-blue beam across, and you have a crude infrared photograph. Between 25 and 30 seconds of exposure seems to work well for me.

The one thing that is kind of tricky is that the color transition isn’t instantaneous, but it’s not impossible to work around. In addition to what’s above, I’ve taken some other interesting photos using this technique, as seen after the “read more” link. Continue reading

A DIY Nikon Infrared Intervalometer

a wireless Nikon infrared intervalometer

The idea to make an Infrared Intervalometer based on a wireless signal rather than a hard wire is an interesting idea.  I suspect it’s one that may have been bounced around before.  Fortunately, “whte_rbt lab” has actually put in the work and made one.  He was kind enough to post the build here along with Arduino code.

This creation was influenced by another Nikon infrared trigger build.  Besides time, this device could be used to trigger based on any number of feedback conditions (sound, light, etc).

Check after the “read more” link thing to see a sunset video taken with this configuration.  I’ve also listed some more creative triggering options if this one isn’t quite your style. Continue reading