A DIY GoPro Handle Light


“Gopro Team Waalwijk” wrote in to tell us about a method for attaching a light to a GoPro handle. The video is mostly about how to properly attach zip-ties to attach the headlamp to the handle. As seen after the “read more,” it’s well-produced, and the resulting video, taken on a Hero3 Black in otherwise total darkness, can be seen just after the 3:00 mark. Continue reading

Underwater ROV Makes an Exotic Camera Mount

underwater rov cameraThis underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) by SpaceShipOne is sure to impress. It features four thrusters, remote control, and most importantly for this site, a camera.

For your average DIY person an ROV is a great project. They aren’t too difficult to make, they are easily customized, and they can be used to accomplish cool things. In the case of this underwater ROV you could use it to explore depths in detail that you couldn’t before. For instance, a small cave where diving is not safe.

The camera system below is simple, but should get the job done. Check it out in the pictures below!

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A QuadCopter Light Graffiti Experiment


I’ve done quite a few articles on Light graffiti on my projects site, JCoPro.net, but as I now have a site devoted entirely to camera hacks and such, I’m sharing my “QuadCopter Light Graffiti” project here.

Actually, there’s not that much to it.  The concept is explained here, but basically when your camera’s shutter is open, it collects all the light entering into it.  If that happens over 5 seconds, it resolves it as a single image.  What you see above is my Hubsan X4 Quadcopter (I’m giving one away this month) circling around in front of the camera for around 5 seconds.  I’d hoped to be able to control it better, but I’m still pretty new at this.  Check out my other quadcopter light graffiti photos after the “read on” link thing. Continue reading