A DIY Motorized Pan-Tilt Mount

DIY motorized pan-tilt mount by Jacob Richards

Here’s a really smooth pan-tilt assembly that Jacob Richards put together.  The first video after the “read more” is a really well put together showcase of it in action.  Around 0:40 is especially interesting when it shows the custom controller moving the camera around.  The second has more explanation of how this DIY motorized pan-tilt device works.

If you wanted to build your own, the second video should give you a nice overview of everything.  What’s even better, is that Jacob was nice enough to provide DIYTripods with a CAD model (in IGS format) and a bill of materials.  According to Jacob, the cost should be around $240.  The Arduino code apparently is no longer available, but he would be willing to explain the concepts to anyone that needs assistance! Continue reading