GoPro Packaging Chesty Mount with Zip Ties

Gopro packaging chesty mount made with zip ties

Gopro packaging chesty mount made with zip ties

GoPro packaging materials have long been prized for DIY mounting purposes.  Competition aside, I was quite impressed with the simplicity of this model.  The design uses 3 zip ties (aka cable ties) to form a loop where a backpack’s front strap can be attached.  In this case, the pack it looks like some sort of Camelbak-like hydration system.  The picture below should explain the concept, but check out the original photo set to see more.

gopro packaging zip tie configuration for chesty mount

For another use of the GoPro box top, check out this elevated mount using a bike stand and PVC pipe.

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A More Stable GoPro Harness Mount for your Dog

GoPro harness mount for a dog

This GoPro harness mount, as seen on Reddit looks like a more stable version of the impromptu dog mount that was featured here earlier.  As you might be able to tell from the picture, the base is the ever-useful square mount that comes with the packaging.

The packaging mounting square (see this post for how to get this “bonus” fixture) is modified to fit the harness camera saddle, a “premium touring harness” from a company named “Trixie.”  If you have a hard time finding this particular model*, I would think many heavy harnesses could be modified to use this kind of mount.

Check out the video after the “read more” to see the dog in action “interacting” with another of its kind.  As any dog owner knows, politeness varies depending on your species… Continue reading

Easy Car Sunroof GoPro Mount


This picture may be self-explanatory to some, but it’s using the mounting that the GoPro initially comes in to attach it to the sunroof of a Mazda Tribute.  If you get a GoPro camera, don’t forget to disassemble the box it came in and save the top plastic piece.  It’s a really useful mount in itself for all kinds of situations.  If you’re interested Here’s another mount using a PVC stake and the GoPro’s packaging.

Via Reddit