A DIY Motorized Pan-Tilt Mount

DIY motorized pan-tilt mount by Jacob Richards

Here’s a really smooth pan-tilt assembly that Jacob Richards put together.  The first video after the “read more” is a really well put together showcase of it in action.  Around 0:40 is especially interesting when it shows the custom controller moving the camera around.  The second has more explanation of how this DIY motorized pan-tilt device works.

If you wanted to build your own, the second video should give you a nice overview of everything.  What’s even better, is that Jacob was nice enough to provide DIYTripods with a CAD model (in IGS format) and a bill of materials.  According to Jacob, the cost should be around $240.  The Arduino code apparently is no longer available, but he would be willing to explain the concepts to anyone that needs assistance! Continue reading

A GoPro Pan Tilt Remote Control Fixture

If you have a traditional remote control device using hobby servos, you might think it would be cool to be able to pan and tilt your GoPro or other small camera with it.

reomte control and a GoPro pan tilt fixture

You could go to the trouble of designing and machining or 3D printing something to hold everything together.  Or you can simply buy one.  This SPT200 device from ServoCity provides a convenient frame to mount the servos in, and a plate on which to mount your camera.

Camera weight should be two pounds or less. No stats on how far offset your 2 pound center of mass can be, but that’s a little detail that probably few non-engineers will worry about.  A GoPro certainly meets this requirement, but some heavier equipment may be stretching things.

If you’d like to see it in action, check out the video of me testing it after the more reading link.  The first part is a sped-up assembly sequence, and testing begins around 0:30. Continue reading