A Panning Time Lapse to Make any Speech Interesting!

Panning time lapse of a "Beer and Napkins" event at the Growler Haus

Do you love making speeches and seeing them played back?  No?  Maybe your opinion would be different if instead of watching it at normal speed, it was “filmed” with this panning device at a frame every 2 seconds.  Turn these photos into a time lapse, and even a mediocre speech can seem interesting.

In the video below, you can see me talking about my idea for this site, DIYTripods.com.  Although I’m not sure if my speech was that entertaining, I can at least see from this time-lapse replay that I really use my hands a lot.  That and Continue reading

Pan AND Tilt GoPro Time-Lapse Rig

Pan and Tilt GoPro time-lapse rig

If a panning only time-lapse device isn’t interesting enough for you, why not build a rig out of two egg timers to add a timed tilt to your shots?  If you’re wondering how this can be done, GetawayMoments.com has instructions available to help you with your “double egg timer” pan and tilt GoPro build.

As for WHY you would want to do this, check out the video after the “Continue reading” link for some really excellent time-lapse results! Continue reading

GoPro Egg Timer Device For Panning Time Lapses

magnetic GoPro Egg Timer device

An unpainted PVC Egg-timer Fixture and its more refined version using the magnetic base to hang upside down

GoPro cameras are great for time-lapse photography by themselves, but if you add an automatic panning mechanism like what’s featured here, your ‘lapses can turn out even better.  All you will need to make this GoPro egg timer fixture is:

  • This egg timer (seen below) from Amazon
  • A 2 inch PVC pipe plug (Hardware store)
  • A 1/4 – 20 bolt 1/2 inch long and the corresponding nut (Hardware store)
  • 1/4 inch drill bit and drill
  • Super Glue;  I used a brand called Gorilla Glue
  • If you don’t have one, you’ll also need a tripod mount for your GoPro (Amazon)

Looks nice even without a GoPro!

To make this panning fixture, drill a hole in roughly the middle of the PVC plug, then pass the bolt into the concave side.  Screw the bolt on as the other side as tightly as possible, and optionally add some super glue on the bolt to keep it locked in place.  Glue the plug to the top of the egg timer linked above, and let it dry.  You now have a panning fixture to make time lapse photos with your GoPro camera; no 3D printer required!

This design should be functional, but what I eventually made, described (with resulting ‘lapse videos) after the “read more” looks a lot better in my opinion.  The only catch is Continue reading