Voice Controled GoPro Hero5 Panorama Fixture

Voice Controled GoPro Hero5 Panorama FixtureOne of the features of the GoPro Hero5 that I initially  thought sort of a gimmick, but have learned to really like, is its voice-control feature. This allows me to start and stop project videos much more often without disturbing my camera’s aim each time. This gave me the idea that I could use this feature, and recorded audio to control the camera. What I came up with is this GoPro Hero5 Automatic Panorama Fixture:

Although it works intermittently at times, I was able to get some really neat panoramic results, stitched together with Photoshop elements at around 3:00.

After some initial whining about the Hero5 Black’s mechanical construction, I’ve really come full circle, as it has some really incredible features. I plan to do a review on it eventually, but you can check it out on Amazon for other people’s opinions (or apparently you can save around $30 (also Amazon) if you’re willing to forgo fancy packaging).

This was a big project, so you can find more information and background on my JCoPro.net site as well. Though I try to make this site about short project or summaries of others’ work, this definitely fits in as a DIYTripod!

360 Degree Video with the Actioncam360 GoPro Accessory

actioncam360-acessoryGoPro cameras are great for recording your adventures, but what if you’re not sure what direction you would like to film in?  The Actioncam360 accessory solves this problem by allowing you to film in 360 degrees at once with a single camera!  It’s already available for the Hero2, but as I recently discovered, they have a Kickstarter for a Hero3/Hero3+ model.

Cleverly, this accessory doesn’t require any mods to your camera, and won’t void your warranty, as it attaches to the housing.  Interestingly, as shown in the second  video after the “read more,” their Continue reading