GIMP vs Photoshop Elements 13 – First Impressions

pre-cropped-photo GIMP vs Photoshop

Macro photo from the National Gingerbread Competition in 2013

After taking a photography course, I’ve been curious about editing photos, especially in the Raw format (more on that later).  I’ve used GIMP for around 5 years, and am pretty comfortable with it for simple things, but from watching a few videos (this one is pretty excellent), it seemed to me like Photoshop Elements might have some significant advantages.

After seeing a physical copy on sale at Amazon for $49.99 on sale at Amazon (with Prime), I decided to take the plunge.  The hard copy seems to go on sale intermittently, as with the downloadable version, so I’d suggest watching it for a while if it’s not.

After playing with Photoshop for less than a day, I can see that I was definitely right about it being a more polished experience.  The two seem similar, but Photoshop just feels better to use.  There are a few advantages to GIMP though, so read on to see my comparison and some before/after photos. Continue reading