Simple and Cheap PVC Pipe Tripod

simple cheap PVC pipe tripod with camera

PVC pipe is great for building random creations.  In this Instructables Article, Sooraj Bagal shows us how to make a PVC pipe “tripod.”  Apparently for under six dollars.

The design is simple, consisting of 3/4 inch diameter pipe, 4 tees, and 4 endcaps.  You’ll need to drill one of the tees out to accept a 1/4 – 20 bolt, which you can lock down with a nut.  To use this with a GoPro, you’ll need a GoPro Tripod Mount (Amazon), but most other cameras should work any other accessories.

This is a cheap, simple, and possibly useful design.  If, however, you want a gigantic PVC tripod that I have no idea what it would be used for, check this PVC monstrosity out!

DIY Clamp Light Stand from PVC Pipe

clamp light attached to DIY stand made from PVC

One of the hallmarks of amateur video is poor lighting.  Or so I remember reading somewhere somewhere.  Having produced some pretty crappy videos myself, I’ve been really looking to up their production value (see my main Youtube Channel).  Being pretty cheap, I wanted something inexpensive to help me improve my lighting.  Thus the DIY clamp light stand was born.

After seeing clamp lights (Less than $6.50 on Amazon with Prime) used for another lighting setup (seen below), they seemed like a great solution to try.  I also had some CFL bulbs that I wasn’t using, so why not?*

clamp lights set up on curtain rod

Although I have some shelving Continue reading

How to Make an Inexpensive PVC Pipe Slidecam Mount

PVC pipe slidecam

This idea for a PVC pipe slidecam mount was heavily influenced by the slidecam featured here.  There are a few differences (that one uses metal tubing and different wood).  Either way, check out the video below that shows ho to make one.  I was happy to have everything needed to make this already in my garage!

I’m certainly not the first person to make a DIY slidecam, and not even the first to make a video.  Check out an alternate build after the “read more” link for a much different solution: Continue reading