GoPro Magnet Mount Holds Entire Accessories “Bag”

Just how powerful is the hard drive magnet mount featured on DIYTripods here? As seen in the GIF above, powerful enough to not only hold a GoPro camera securely, but also an entire “bag” of accessories on a vertical surface of this toolbox. I wasn’t planning to make this video (shown after the “read more”), but after seeing this happen decided more people would like to see it.

Although I don’t honestly remember, I believe my Hero 4 Session is in the bag—actually, not really a bag, it’s a “roll” as seen here—as well as various other accessories that I keep in it. I should note that what’s seen in the video isn’t my most powerful mount; the rare earth magnetic fixture that I made, seen in the static picture above, seems to be even stronger, and you don’t need to take apart an old hard drive to make it! Continue reading

Powerful GoPro Magnet Mount from Computer a Hard Drive

If you have something metalic (ferromagnetic that is) to attach your GoPro to, there is nothing better that I know of than using rare earth magnets. An excellent source for these super-powerful magnets for a GoPro mount is a computer hard drive. Undo the screws on the outside with a Torx screwdriver (here’s a review of the set I use), then pry it open.

Edit 1/14/2017: Published a new version that doesn’t require taking apart a hard drive, and has a few other advantages, including a protective coating so as not to mar the surface it’s on (Ben, thx for the suggestion about the coating).

Hero4-session-GoPro-magnet-mountOnce inside, you’ll see a lot of interesting parts, but buried somewhere in a corner is an extremely powerful magnet. You’ll have to pry this out as well. It sort of reminds me of getting the good meat out of a scallop, or maybe even a pearl out of an oyster. There’s a lot of waste, but the payoff is something quite uncommon, an unbelievably strong magnet.


After the cover is opened the powerful green magnet, indicated by a red arrow, is taken from the area indicated by the red arrow

As for how to use it with a GoPro quick-release adhesive mount, it’s quite simple. Place Continue reading