OTTO, the Customizable, Open Source, DIY Camera

OTTO - The Customizable, Open Source, DIY CameraEver wonder what goes into making a modern digital camera? Check out the OTTO, an open source,  homegrown camera that allows for extensive customization of both the hardware and software.

Previously, DIY Tripods featured a different open source camera, however, it was analog, using traditional film to capture and store images. The OTTO attacks the problem from a differently, using the Raspberry Pi (also open source) to take digital pictures. This gives end users a lot more options.  Users can post-process images, automatically  adjust shutter speeds, take timed photo sequences, or anything else one can program the ‘Pi to do.

One of the coolest features of the OTTO is its ability to make animated gifs. As seen in the video below, Continue reading

A Solar Power Time Lapse Photography Rig to Rule Them All!

solar time lapse photography rigMaybe you’ve come up with some clever camera mounts (and I’d love to feature them on this site).  This self-contained solar time lapse build, however, may be is the most involved and well thought out time lapse photography rig that I’ve seen so far:

time-lapse-box-nikonAccording to this Reddit thread, it’s mounted high atop a 30 foot pole, and uses a Nikon D7100 camera (Amazon), a Raspberry Pi computer board for control, and a goal zero solar system to provide power.  It’s set up to record the building of a new manufacturing facility.  As someone who works in manufacturing myself, I would love the assignment to engineer a system like this.