Hero Session for Great FPV StrandMaus Robot Footage

FPV StrandMaus with GoPro Hero SessionWhat could be better than a remote-controlled walking robot based on Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest? Perhaps if you added a Hero4 Session (Now known simply as the Hero Session – Amazon) to it on an excellent Pan/Tilt camera turret from Servocity, that would make it even more awesome.

I did actually make one of these little creatures, and put a turret on the top, dubbing it the “FPV StrandMaus,” which can be interpreted as “Fist Person View Beach Mouse.” Jansen’s first version was translated as “Beach Monster,” so naming it after a smaller animal seemed appropriate. Click on the “read more” thing to see the whole video, including the FPV footage around 0:35. Continue reading

Robot Mounted GoPro on a Pan/Tilt Fixture

robot mounted GoPro FPVWhen I’m not busy with family, my job, working out, or this website, I also like to build robots.*  OK, technically this would be considered more of a remote-control mechanism, or even a prop, but “robot” sounds better.  It was recently on display** as shown above, literally hanging 15 feet in the air, and beaming “robot mounted GoPro” video to a projector in front of it.

As for the camera part, the “robot’s” two legs are controlled by two channels from a standard hobby RC unit.  The controller that I was using had four channels, and I happened to have a pan/tilt fixture from Servocity already assembled on my shelf.  Since at that point it was just a matter of plugging it in, I decided to add a pan/tilt capable GoPro camera to my robot.

For installation, I drilled out the pan/tilt fixture’s base to accept the 8-32 screws that I had available, and the GoPro was easy to attach with a 1/4-20 screw using the GoPro tripod adapter.  Interestingly, since my robot-thing was hanging from the ceiling, if it was tilted enough, it would cause the “MountainBeest,” as I call it, to swing back and forth.

It was definitely a fun time, but as cool as I thought it would be to have it hanging above everyone, apparently people don’t look up that often.  Either way, you can find more info on this contraption in the videos below. Continue reading

Underwater ROV Makes an Exotic Camera Mount

underwater rov cameraThis underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) by SpaceShipOne is sure to impress. It features four thrusters, remote control, and most importantly for this site, a camera.

For your average DIY person an ROV is a great project. They aren’t too difficult to make, they are easily customized, and they can be used to accomplish cool things. In the case of this underwater ROV you could use it to explore depths in detail that you couldn’t before. For instance, a small cave where diving is not safe.

The camera system below is simple, but should get the job done. Check it out in the pictures below!

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