DIY Panasonic LX7 Remote Shutter Release using an Air Freshener

Panasonic LX7 remote shutter release with air freshener

I’m a huge fan of automatic air fresheners.  Not for freshening the air per se, but as a source of mechanical hacking components.  After seeing that I’d made something similar in function (but not nearly as practical), Michael was kind enough to write in with his mechanical camera air freshener release setup for the Panasonic Panasonic LUMIX LX7 (Amazon) “enthusiast compact.”

According to Michael, the Panasonic LX7 is the best camera in its class, given the number of ways that it can be used in manual mode.  Also, it has a built-in ND filter (see my filter use on waterfalls), which seems especially awesome.  The only thing it doesn’t have, is remote-triggering capability.  This was almost a dealbreaker for Michael, but fortunately, a hot shoe adapter is available to use with a manual release.  Combined with creative use of an air freshener, and remote triggering was accomplished!

Unlike my remote trigger (featured here), this might be something one would use for actual photography.  Mine was more of a proof-of-concept.  Keep reading for video of this device in action, as well as step-by-step directions to build your own! Continue reading