Servocity Camera Slider Auto Stop Switch Setup

servocity camer slider auto stop full assembly

A few months ago, I reviewed Servocity camera slider.  As cool as it is, one thing that was missing from my initial build is a way to automatically stop the slider when it gets to the end.  If you’re watching it, as I was before, this isn’t a problem, but if you’re taking a long time-lapse, an automatic stopping method would be needed.

Servocity’s answer comes in the form of two easily-mountable limit switches (See Parts list later in the post) along with two diodes that allow for current to go one way when the switch is depressed but not the other way. In other words, Continue reading

Servocity Camera Slider Review

Servocity camera slider reviewRecently, Servocity was nice enough to send me one of their “Channel slider A” kits.  I had a great time putting it together and trying it out.  In my limited experience, it’s incredible to see how good video shots of something quite mundane look when steadily panned over a distance.

Servocity isn’t the only company in the “camera slider game,” but the price seems quite reasonable compared to other similar models.  Also, the design is such that it’s made to be customized and modified however one wants.  Although they sell mounts for GoPro cameras, and smartphones, I didn’t actually have one, so, as shown later, I was able to make one myself from bits that I had around my garage.  Th results were quite good as shown in the video after the “read more” link thing.

Sold separately, Continue reading

Actobotics Camer Slider Kit Giveaway Winner Announced


Congratulations to Gary Willet on winning the slider giveaway!*  I’ll get Servocity to send you one of these kits.

If you didn’t happen to win one, you can always buy one here (out of stock as of this writing – apparently they’re quite popular).  I haven’t gotten a chance to try this particular model out, but it looks like a great setup.  I’ve had nothing but the best experience with Servocity and their products, so I’m sure it’s excellent!

So a big thank you to Servocity/Actobotics for providing the prize for this contest.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of their stuff on here and my projects blog,!  Also, thanks to those that follow and read this blog.  I hope you’ll stick around, and see what comes next!

*Unfortunately, I didn’t hear back from the original winner by the deadline (tried to contact via Twitter, Email, and via this announcement).