DIY Camera Gimbal for Handheld or Quadcopter

DIY Camera Gimbal, Brushless with GoPro mounted

Levi Burner, who has written several article for DIYTripods, wrote in with an excellent DIY Camera Gimbal setup, shown above with a GoPro. Although it could be used with a quadcopter, it should work equally well as a handheld device.

Details of the build can be found here. Below is (part of) a rough sketch diagramming how this setup will fit together. Although it reminds me of sketches I sometimes do before building something, my artistic ability isn’t quite up to Oscar’s standards. Fortunately, I’m pretty good with AutoCAD (or Draftsight for my home projects).

DIY camera gimbal design sketch (cropped)

If you’re wondering how it stacks up to an unstabilized camera, check out around 0:35 in the video after the “read more” thing. There still seems to be some movement, but the results are much better.

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Lego Camera Stabilizer AKA Steadicam

lego-camera-stabilizerIf you have a lot of Legos lying around, and perhaps a few hard drive platters, this Lego Camera Stabilizer might be a good option for taking steady video.

This stabilizer features 2 axes in the middle of the handle assembly, as well as a rotational axis just below the camera mount.  Weights on the bottom keep the camera upright, while additional weights on either side of the camera keep it pointed in the right direction.  Check out the video after the “read more” to see it in action.  It does an impressive job of keeping things steady. Continue reading

DIY Handheld Camera Stabilizer Rig

DIY Handheld Camera stabilizer rig from PVC pipeAs anyone that follows this blog knows, I love working with PVC pipe.  Because of this, a DIY handheld camera stabilizer made with 1/2 inch pipe is certainly of interest.  The build should be fairly self-explanatory from the picture above – elbows, tees, and straight pipe – except for what the camera actually attaches to.

This little fixture seen below is actually a pretty neat spring-loaded attachment that’s explained in the “howto” video in the second half of this article.

spring loaded attachment for PVC DIY camera stabilizer rig

Check out the video after the “read more” thing if you want some more build information.  The little spring-loaded assembly steps start around 3:00 if you just want to see how that part is made. Continue reading