Lego Camera Stabilizer AKA Steadicam

lego-camera-stabilizerIf you have a lot of Legos lying around, and perhaps a few hard drive platters, this Lego Camera Stabilizer might be a good option for taking steady video.

This stabilizer features 2 axes in the middle of the handle assembly, as well as a rotational axis just below the camera mount.  Weights on the bottom keep the camera upright, while additional weights on either side of the camera keep it pointed in the right direction.  Check out the video after the “read more” to see it in action.  It does an impressive job of keeping things steady. Continue reading

DIY GoPro Steadicam


So you love using your GoPro camera, but would like some stabilization while taking moving shots?  Constantin gives us his solution using a mixture of PVC pipe (naturally), and various bits of hardware, bearings, and cut aluminum.

It should be noted that this would be considered an advanced “tripod” design because the aluminum plates used have to be machine cut.  Plastic is also listed as a material, and I would think wood could work in a pinch.  Even if you don’t end up building this exact Steadicam design, perhaps it could inspire some similar DIY project.

If you’re wondering what kind of results you can get with a rig like this, here’s one of the videos that Constantin was able to make with it after the link: Continue reading