Two Leg String Tripod with Coiling Device


What was called a “string tripod” was featured here before, but really, it’s more of a “string monopod.”  It should keep the camera somewhat steady, but two cords in tension would seem like a sturdier setup.

This “string tripod bipod” from Instructables, does just that, allowing for a loop of cord to be formed into a triangle similar to the person above’s stance.  Although it seems you could just loop a length of cord through a 1/4 – 20 eye bolt to make a circle, this version goes one step further with a piece of wood forming a “coiler.”  With this wooden fixture, your cord shouldn’t get wrapped in a knot, and you’ll hopefully be ready for that perfect shot sooner!

two leg string tripod at rest

via Lifehacker

The Ultra-Portable String Tripod

The “string tripod,” as seen below, is most likely the most portable camera holding solution you’ll see here.  This “tripod,” as seen on Instructables, it is literally just a piece of string attached to a 1/4 – 20 eyebolt.  The bolt is screwed into the camera, then locked down with the corresponding nut.

string tripodWhen you step on the bottom of this string, it allows you to put tension on it with your camera, stabilizing the shot.  I’d recommend putting a surgeon’s loop knot on the bottom for an easy foothold.

A quick search of Amazon reveals an interesting take on this, an attachment that goes on your belt loop.  This could also be a DIY job, possibly with some sort of blunt hook.

Update 8/26/2013:

Matt Heilman of shared his smartphone string tripod today via Google+.  I didn’t think this “tripod” could get much simpler, but with a smartphone’s offset camera, all that’s required is to tie a piece of string around the body, and one around your foot.

smartphone string tripod