A DIY Tilt-Shift Lens Adapter

bendycam DIY tilt-shift lens adapter"miniature" car photo taken with tilt-shift lens






If you’ve ever heard of tilt-shift photography, you may know that it’s generally used to change the perceived sized of something photographed.  The car in the photo to the right appears to be a miniature or some kind (Micro Machine?), even though it’s full-sized in real life.

While this is a very cool technique, it seems from a quick search of Amazon, that these lenses will cost you in the range of $1000 or more.  As happy as I would be for you to buy one using my above affiliate link, this may be out of your price range.

The other option, as you might have guessed from the title, is to build one yourself.  If you’re up for the DIY option, Bhautik Joshi has made a really great guide not only on how to build one, but also how this type of photography works.  If you’re wondering if you actually want to build a tilt-shift lens, the incredible video and further explanation after the break may leave you with a really tough decision.  You’ve been warned. Continue reading