Solid Industrial-Style DIY Tripod

This might be the best DIY tripod to, say, hike with, but if you need something that will survive a nearly anything, this bomb-proof tripod is for you.  Unlike some of the simpler mounts seen here, this contraption will take a decent amount of welding and assembly skill as outlined in CroBuilder’s excellent Instructables article.


It would seem that a DIY tripod build like this would be best suited for a DSLR or other large camera, but anything with a standard 1/4 – 20 mount would work quite nicely with this beast.  The chain on the bottom keeping the legs from splitting is an especially nice touch in my opinion.

Via Hackaday

DIY Cell Phone Stand for an Env2 Picture Taking

To introduce this blog, here’s a picture of one of my first “tripod” projects, a stand for the now-ancient Env2 “feature phone.”

DIY cell phone stand for an Env2Full details on how this piece of wood was adapted into a mount for taking pictures can be found here.  The original design for this “DIY Cell phone stand” is outlined in this post, which is just a milled slot in a piece of wood.

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