How to Make an Inexpensive PVC Pipe Slidecam Mount

PVC pipe slidecam

This idea for a PVC pipe slidecam mount was heavily influenced by the slidecam featured here.  There are a few differences (that one uses metal tubing and different wood).  Either way, check out the video below that shows ho to make one.  I was happy to have everything needed to make this already in my garage!

I’m certainly not the first person to make a DIY slidecam, and not even the first to make a video.  Check out an alternate build after the “read more” link for a much different solution: Continue reading

A Simple DIY Slidecam Mount

DIY slidecam with wood and PVC

RT recently wrote in to tell me about a few of his DIY camera mounts.  One that was quite impressive was this DIY slidecam rig for video shots.  It’s made out of PVC pipe metal rods and wood blocks as shown above.  You can find further details in the linked article.

Wood and Pipe are fairly easy to procure, but another element you’ll need for this rig is a tripod head. This “Fluid Drag” model from Amazon looks quite good, but the $80+ price tag may be a bit much for DIYers.  Another possible option would be to instead disassemble this $22 tripod and use the tripod head for this slider.  Hopefully, another use could be found for the legs.

If you’re wondering what kind of results can be had with a slidecam rig, or how these kind of shots are made, check out the videos after the “read more.”  I was really impressed. Continue reading

A DSLR to GoPro Lens Filter Adapter

If you have a DSLR camera, you may use polarization, UV, and other filters to give you the photographic effect that you want.  There are some lens filters available specifically for a GoPro camera (see these on Amazon), but what if you want to use DSLR lens filters with your GoPro?

An extremely simple GoPro lens filter adapter

My first, and simplest lens filter adapter is show above.  I simply took one of these step up ring adapters and found the correct configuration to fit my 62 mm lens to hang off of my GoPro.

This configuration worked OK, as seen in the time-lapse video below, but I eventually came up with something potentially much better.  Read on for the rest of the details. Continue reading