The TriggerTrap Smarphone Intervalometer

setting up the trigger trap intervalometer

Recently Triggertrap was nice enough to send me one of their devices to use with my Canon DSLR (Amazon).  After some initial fooling around with it, I decided to use it as an Intervalometer, as seen being set up above.  Although I haven’t tried everything, this is but one function that the Triggertrap cable/app combo does.

Besides the well-advertised fact that it works with smartphones, I was able to use it on my non-3G iPad.  A few features were missing, mostly having to do with GPS functionality, but there are still many tools to play with.

To test it out, I decided to use my iPad/camera to take a time-lapse video of my panning GoPro time-lapse device to show how it worked. I think the video (after the link) turned out quite nicely:

This device can trigger your camera in a lot of crazy ways, and apparently the functionality is meant to expand as the developers think of new ideas.  One feature that I thought was cool was the sound reactive function.  Basically, you clap or make a loud noise and it takes a picture.

As for why this qualifies as a “DIY” device, maybe in itself it’s not.  This company does, however, have a shield available for the Arduino as well as a stand-alone trigger device that has similar functionality the the smartphone cord.  Below is a video of the stand-alone device in action:

Especially if you don’t have a remote trigger device for your DSLR camera, this device is worth checking this out if you have a smartphone.  Thanks again to Triggertrap; I always enjoy playing with new devices!

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