Underwater ROV Makes an Exotic Camera Mount

underwater rov cameraThis underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) by SpaceShipOne is sure to impress. It features four thrusters, remote control, and most importantly for this site, a camera.

For your average DIY person an ROV is a great project. They aren’t too difficult to make, they are easily customized, and they can be used to accomplish cool things. In the case of this underwater ROV you could use it to explore depths in detail that you couldn’t before. For instance, a small cave where diving is not safe.

The camera system below is simple, but should get the job done. Check it out in the pictures below!

underwater rov cameraSpaceShipOne really decided to keep things simple when designing the video feed system for the ROV. Pictured here is Sparkfun’s color camera that outputs standard analog video.

underwater rov camera

Above, you can see the camera mounted inside of the ROV’s main tube, to be sealed behind a clear window. It’s very important that the camera and other components stay dry.  Also pictured, in the side tubes, are two 3 watt LED’s.  These are extremely bright, and consume enough power that heat sinks are required.

Unfortunately, the linked Instructables article never shows the final product. It appears that SpaceShipOne either lost interest or didn’t update the post. However, with these clear instructions it should be possible to recreate the ROV, or at inspire something new!