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No, I won't spam you!

No! I won’t spam you!

If you’re wondering how to subscribe, it’s just to the right of where you’re reading this currently.

If you’re wondering if I’m going to spam you or whatever, no I’m not.  What happens is the following:

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2 thoughts on “Ways to Follow

  1. Noname says:

    Saw you last night at beer and napkins… I think what you need to adapt here is the USE of the tripods made in the field. Check out this fastcompany link. http://m.fastcocreate.com/3017567/brands-its-time-to-get-moving-why-action-oriented-marketing-is-the-way-forward?partner=newsletter.
    Think GoPro and red bull. If you can get folks to submit the action videos created by your (or their) unique DIY tripods then you could get some serious traction in web traffic…. The GoPro website has awesome content, but they don’t update super often. If you could captures local / regional audience (Clemson student body) then GoPro could pay a prwmi for advertising on your website. Best of luck!

    • Jeremy Cook says:

      Thanks for the idea. Eventually I’ll run out of really interesting “tripods” to feature anyway, so expending my niche to include interesting ways that people use their cameras certainly makes sense. Plus showing how to make something without showing why one would want to make it isn’t as effective as if I also showed how it was used uniquely.

      Great idea, maybe you’ll see some of this content in the future (if you decide to visit again)!

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