Winner Announced For the Variable ND Filter Giveaway

Congratulations to Brianna, as she’s been selected as the winner of the variable ND filter from the July giveaway contest.  I’ve emailed her, but if I don’t hear back by Wednesday, August 6th, I’ll select someone else.  Thanks for replying back, you should have your filter Tuesday!

If you didn’t win, you can always buy one from Amazon, as they’re well under $20 there depending on the size you want. (As of this writing).


Not the filter from this contest, but should produce a similar effect (image)

Thanks to everyone that subscribed via email or on Twitter.  July was a great month, with just under seven thousand views.  There’s some more great content coming up (and maybe some more contests), so I really hope you’ll stick around!  Also, let me know if you have a camera mount or technique you’d like to see featured here.

Thanks for reading!